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Do germs really have a five-second rule?

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Via Flickr user Rachel Glaves

Have you ever dropped a bit of food and thought "It wasn't there that long. What's the harm in just picking it back up and eating it anyway?"

You know the deal -  that tasty bite of food on the way to your mouth falls suddenly to the ground and you tell yourself: wasn't there long, I should just pick it up and eat it. What's the worst that can happen?

To find out, researchers at Rutger's University took a scientific look at the five-second rule. Rutgers biologist, Don Schaffner, spoke to Take Two's Deepa Fernandes for more.

He says he was inspired to take on the study after noticing some faulty science in regard to the five-second rule.

To hear the full conversation, click the blue player above.

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