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Could trampoline fitness be LA's newest workout craze?

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What better way to keep your workout fun and interesting than by bouncing up and down on a trampoline? That's what the folks at "Jumping Fitness" are banking on.

Whatever your usual workout routine may be, doing too much of any one type of exercise can get a little boring. 

What better way to keep things fun than by bouncing up and down on a trampoline? 

We're not talking Olympics-style trampoline here. Flying up high in the air and flipping around isn't something just anybody can do, but anyone can vary up their normal fitness routine at Jumping Fitness in Redondo Beach. 

The classes are kind of like spinning, except instead of hopping on a bike, you get your own small trampoline, complete with handlebars in the front for certain moves.

As part of Take Two's series on alternative forms of fitness, Alex Cohen recently dropped by to see what it's like to bounce to the beats of Latin music, electronic dance tracks and even a little Justin Timberlake.

Jumping Fitness co-owner and class instructor Jakub Novotny explained how group trampoline classes got started in his native Czech Republic and why he thinks it's poised to take off big in the U.S.

To hear the full interview, click the blue player above.

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