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Bill Bratton steps down, Pee Chee folders and police violence, converting traffic jams into energy

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Patrick Martinez explains his most recent work, featuring a photo of Philando Castile.
Austin Cross/KPCC
Patrick Martinez explains his most recent work, featuring a photo of Philando Castile.

Bill Bratton's impact as a law enforcement officer, Pee-Chee folios depict excessive force by police officers, what if all of the energy you spent on the 405 could be harvested for electricity?

A high-profile trial is ahead for former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca. But will he avoid a long sentence by appealing to a jury?
Bratton's decision appears to mark the end of a 45-year career in public service that spanned coasts and included a seven-year stint as L.A.'s police chief.
"It's so much content to work with; it's incredible," artist Patrick Martinez says. "I can just keep on doing these things."
This week on The Brood, we tackle how to talk with kids about politics and this year's presidential election.
Despite mandate to serve all students, a new report says 253 of California's 1,200 charter schools have policies that restrict enrollment — perhaps illegally.
Are there enough women in powerful positions in the ad industry? Why does it matter?
The AP researched 25 studies and found that the benefits of regular flossing were minimal, despite what dentists might say.
With encouragement from Assemblyman Mike Gatto, the California Energy Commission is providing funding for a small pilot project to test out piezoelectricity. But what is it?
With the Rio games set to get started later this week, we'll take a look at the latest doping allegations and whether it's possible to clean up the Olympics.
Every week we get the latest music that you should be listening to. This week, music journalist Steve Hochman, who started by introducing us to a band called Money Chicha. Here they are performing live.
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