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How white parents talk with their black and biracial sons about race

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This week on The Brood, Take Two's family and parenting segment, we explore how white parents teach their black and biracial kids about interacting with the police.

Last week on The Brood, parents of color discussed how they have "the talk" with their children about interacting with police. This week, we hear from white parents on how they approach "the talk" and the role of race with their black and biracial sons.  

Discussing recent events and the topic of race is a daunting task for any parent but it may be especially tough for parents who are a different race than their children.

Three white parents who are raising black and biracial children talked with Take Two’s Alex Cohen about how their mixed race families are talking about current events and the role of race.


  • Angie Sanders – mother of a biracial son, age 6
  • Allison Moore – mother of one African American son, age 6
  • Michael Fitzgerald – father of two biracial sons, ages 14 and 16

Interview highlights

On the role of race in preparing to be a parent

Angie Sanders

Allison Moore
Michael Fitzgerald

On talking to kids about race and policing in light of recent events

Allison Moore

On resources for mixed race parents

Angie Sanders

On talking to your child about interacting with law enforcement as a white parent

Michael Fitzgerald

Responses have been edited for clarity.

To hear the full interview, click the blue player above.

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