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The Generosity Gap: Why charitable giving is down in LA county

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Photo by Greg Wagoner via Flickr Creative Commons
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California Community Foundation and UCLA partnered for a study that found charitable giving in L.A. County is down by $1 billion since 2006.

In 2014 researchers from UCLA published a paper thatfound that charitable giving in Los Angeles had not rebounded to pre-recession levels.

It's called the generosity gap. So, two years later, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs teamed up with the California Community Foundation to release a new report.

The results released Friday show that this gap is actually widening. Even as the housing market has rebounded and the stock market has reached record highs, charitable giving is on the decline in L.A.

Shawn Landres, one of the report's authors, joined the show to discuss the reports findings including how charitable giving in L.A. County is down by $1 billion since 2006 – and those with higher incomes who could donate more, aren’t doing so. The report also includes other facts about local behaviors around philanthropy like motivations and causes supported.

For the full report, see below. Additional information available here.

The Generosity Gap

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