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LA's rise in crime, the Panama papers leak, the connection between porn and virility

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A deputy with the L.A. Sheriff's Department checks the handcuffs of prisoners.
A deputy with the LA Sheriff's Department checks the handcuffs of prisoners

A detailed look at LA's uptick in violent crime, revelations in the Panama papers, accessing porn has become much easier and that ubiquity is having serious effects.

Amid rising crime, Pacoima residents are hoping that hard-won gains against gang violence will turn back the tide.
Violent crime in Los Angeles has increased for two years in a row. A panel of experts examine why and what is being done to tackle the issue
A massive data leak from a Panama-based law firm is shining new light on a secret financial underworld.
The Air Quality Management District named former EPA administrator Wayne Nastri as acting chief of the group after the board ousted its long time leader.
Accessing and streaming porn has become much easier now, but that ubiquity may have serious effects on some of the men who grew up with unlimited access to porn.
The Women In Film/The Black List Episodic Lab will take place in August, but they are on the lookout for participants right now.
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