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Sleeping Cars: A photographer's love letter to LA

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Photographer Gerd Ludwig has brought stories to life through his images. In 'Sleeping Cars', he turns his lens on the classic vehicles that live on LA's streets.

At the end of 2015, there were almost eight million cars registered in Los Angeles County...

But where do they all go to rest at night?

That's the question that inspired National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig to shoot the photo series 'Sleeping cars'. Ludwig has brought stories from around the world to life through his images but in his latest project, he turns his lens on the classic vehicles that live on L.A.'s streets.

The series highlights old and classic cars 'resting' on streets and driveways. Some cars are covered, others are completely exposed but all of the photos are portraits to tell a story.

The collection of photos, seven years in the making, is on view at the Fahey/Klein Gallery located in L.A.'s Miracle Mile district through Saturday, March 19th.

Can't make the exhibition but want more sleeping cars? Ludwig has no plans to stop. You can follow the 'Sleeping Cars' Instagram for more:

A colorful pickup truck rests at night on Mount Olympus, a neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles.

Glowing in the night, a car sleeps in the Hollywood Hills.

A VW sleeps under a canopy of trees in the Hollywood Hills.

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