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Newly naturalized Mexicans could spell trouble for the future GOP nominee

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Immigrants take the U.S. oath of citizenship during a naturalization ceremony in Irving, Texas.

Naturalization applications from Mexicans spiked dramatically in the latter half of 2015. Some analysts say that’s because Donald Trump is the GOP frontrunner.

The contest for the White House has set in motion a different kind of race — a race to get naturalized before November.

About 8.8 million residents of this country are eligible to become naturalized citizens. About 2.7 million of them are Mexican.

Mexicans could have some significant pull in American politics were it not for one thing: only about 36 percent of those eligible to become citizens have applied — Compare that to 68 percent for other groups. But that could be changing.

Several policies on the table could affect Mexican families directly. And that has energized many Mexicans to get involved.

Take Two talked about it with Louis DeSipio, professor of political science and Latino studies at UC Irvine.

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