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Rose Parade anchors Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards reflect before hosting one last time

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This will be the last broadcast with Rose Parade anchors Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards, who have hosted the event for over 30 years.

We’re closing out 2015 and getting ready to welcome the new year in tradition: with the 127th Rose Parade this Friday.

And you might want to tune in this year to witness history come to an end. This will be the last broadcast with anchors Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards. 

Eubanks has been hosting the parade since 1979 and was later joined by Edwards in 1982. Since then, the duo has come together to deliver their live, in-depth coverage of the parade, peppered by their signature witty banter. 

The two announced their Rose Parade retirement on KTLA back in September. You can see a clip of their first broadcast together from 1982 in the video below at 2:21.

"It's not sad news," says Eubanks. "We don't have to go to bed at 8 o'clock on New Year's Eve anymore." 

Eubanks has had an extensive career in show business. He's been a DJ, a music promoter, a TV show producer and a game show personality. He also has Pasadena roots, having previously worked in Pasadena and attended Pasadena High School. 

"I'm one of those believers that you have to keep reinventing yourself in this industry that we're in," says Eubanks. 

The duo never imagined they would be doing this for so long. 

"Careers aren't that long in show business," says Edwards. "And certainly on-air, on-television for women."

The two have a chemistry that at times involves teasing each other. While Eubanks says he and Edwards have the same sense of humor, Edwards disagrees but says what works is they adapt to each other—Edwards takes things “way too seriously” while Bob “keeps a perspective.”

“He has this sense of humor that drives me nuts,” says Edwards.

Though Eubanks says the pair has had an “on-camera marriage” for 35 years they’ve never said a cross word to one another.

“Some people think we don’t like each other, but we love each other,” said Eubanks.

Eubanks and Edwards don’t have anything special planned for their last Rose Parade broadcast, but Edwards jokes that since they can’t get fired who knows what will happen.

“For years she’s wanted to explain to the audience that there’s three kinds of glues that they put on the floats for the roses and petals,” says Eubanks. “She’ll probably get it done this time.”

After the upcoming Rose Parade, new hosting duo Mark Steines of the Hallmark Channel and Leeza Gibbons will take over in 2017.

The veterans have simple advice for the future hosts.

“Treat the parade as an event and don’t try to plug other things, but ask questions and give information you think the audience will want to hear,” says Eubanks.

Edwards echoes focusing on the main event.

“It’s about the parade, it’s not about you,” Edwards says. 

Although this is the end of an era for the pair, their chemistry and presence will be long-missed. 

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