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5 Every Week: Feminist haunted house, Jem & The Holograms and Marc Horowitz's solo show

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From the heart of the Southland, this is 5 Every Week.

Here are five great things you should do in Southern California this week from the makers of the 5 Every Day app.  Get this as a new podcast in iTunes.  If you want five hand-picked things to do in Los Angeles every day, download the free 5 Every Day from the App Store.

Art: Marc Horowitz's solo show

Artist Marc Horowitz is a prankster. He once slipped his own phone number onto a whiteboard in a Crate & Barrel catalogue as a social experiment. He promised to take everyone who called him out to dinner. By the time the project was over he’d received 30,000 calls and spent a year traveling the country in an RV, having dinner with strangers.

In 2010, he decided to crowdsource all his his daily personal decisions to an online anonymous community. Everything from personal grooming to interactions with his family were determined by user votes.

Horowitz recently opened a huge solo show at Depart Foundation in West Hollywood, where his playful spirit is on full display: High and low collide with sculptures and paintings that pair junky thrift store chintz with art-historical references. The paintings are colorful, wonky, and beautiful, but our favorite piece is a classical bust with a cartoonishly long Pinocchio nose– the portrait of the artist.

City: The Bonaventure

Wanna visit the future? You could start at worse places than the Bonaventure Hotel downtown. Even though it was built in the '70s, the hotel’s central atrium is straight from the year 2053. It’s all concrete pillars, neon-tinted glass elevators, and spiral staircases that lead nowhere. It’s so confusing to navigate that despite being the largest hotel in Los Angeles, the Bonaventure is always empty. Which really adds to the effect. In fact, the Bonaventure atrium is so bleak and futuristic that it has served as the setting for countless science fiction worlds: It was NASA’s secret spacecraft facility in "Interstellar" and played 25th century New Chicago in the Buck Rogers TV series.

We love walking aimlessly around the Bonaventure. It’s air-conditioned, for one, and it’s got a running track on the third floor for some reason. When we get hungry, there’s a pretty great bahn-mi place in the food court. We’re partial to picking up sandwiches and making crumbs in one of the hotel’s many pointless-feeling conversation pods. And when we get thirsty, we head to the hotel’s top-floor revolving bar, the Bona Vista Lounge. After a few martinis, we start to feel like we’re on the set of "Logan’s Run." Which, of course, we are.

Food: Roosevelt Cafe

Good for you! You got up early to beat the sun and and you went on a hike in Griffith Park. But now you’re finished, and you’re ravenous as a mountain lion. You’re sweaty, your sneakers are dusty, and you desperately need coffee. Where will you go? There are two paths down the mountain: One leads to trails, the popular al-fresco café just past the park’s Fern Dell entrance.

The other—the path less traveled, if you will—leads to the Roosevelt Café, which is perched on the edge of the Griffith Park Municipal Golf Course. The Roosevelt is a resolutely unhip, 60s-formica-tabletop kinda place. It's quiet here. The occasional deer gambols across the golf course lawn. The older crowd tends to linger at the outdoor picnic tables with plates of scrambled eggs, shooting the breeze and reading the paper. No fancy vegan rhubarb pie here, but the no-nonsense breakfast burritos and Denver omelettes have their own devotees.

Music: Jem & The Holograms

Everything we ever learned about the music biz, we learned from Jem and the Holograms. Like, every band has a rival, a persona goes a long way and you can’t go wrong with a little keytar. This Saturday, you can learn these things too. The Cinefamily is having an astoundingly comprehensive Jem & The Holograms event Saturday to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the animated series, which is also getting a big-screen adaptation.

Jem creator Christy Marx will be there, screening classic episodes, music videos, and rarities from her personal archive. Marx is a pioneering woman animator, and her story will be told in a new documentary series called "Off-Hollywood."  It’s part of Saturday’s program, too. After the show, two rival cover bands will play live renditions of the Holograms’ best songs, of course. And the Cinefamily’s back patio will be devoted to a fan-art gallery show. 

Wildcard: Killjoy's Kastle

When did Halloween get so...scary? It seems like every year, LA’s haunted attractions up the ante. If it’s not chainsaw-wielding maniacs, then it’s horrifying clowns or touchy-feely zombies—we’ve even heard about haunted houses with mandatory personal injury waivers and simulated waterboarding. Some of us don’t want to survive Halloween—we want to enjoy it. That’s why we're going to Killjoy’s Kastle this year.

Killjoy’s Kastle, for the uninitiated, is a feminist haunted house in West Hollywood's Plummer Park. It’s an immersively spooky installation built by Toronto based-artists Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell—think of it as a bird-flipping sendup of those evangelical “hell houses.” Instead of the horrors of sin, the Kastle is a Pandora's Box of post-patriarchal horrors. Non-binary zombies, happy-as-hell spinsters, and riot ghouls galore! And definitely no clowns or chainsaws.

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