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5 Every Week: Archives Bazaar, East Side Food Fest, Red Rock Canyon

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A view of Calabasas from the Red Rock Canyon Park hike in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Stock image by Daniel Pouliot/Flickr Creative Commons
A view of Calabasas from the Red Rock Canyon Park hike in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Here are five great things you should do in Southern California this week from the makers of the 5 Every Day app.  Get this as a new podcast in iTunes.

Here are five great things you should do in Southern California this week from the makers of the 5 Every Day app.  Get this as a new podcast in iTunes.  If you want five hand-picked things to do in Los Angeles every day, download the free 5 Every Day from the App Store.

ART: Gary Indiana at 365 Mission

Gary, Indiana is a place. And a song n’ dance number in The Music Man.  It—or rather he—is also an artist, and just about one of the most interesting people to mix it up in the 20th century.

Gary Indiana hails from New Hampshire, although he’s been a New Yorker since he emigrated to Manhattan in 1978, back when rent on the Lower East Side was 100 bucks a month. In those days, he put on experimental plays in long-gone clubs with avant-garde buddies and Warhol protegés.

In the 80s, he was the art critic for the Village Voice—his acerbic, relentlessly unforgiving reviews of the New York Art scene were the stuff of legend. Later, he became a novelist, writing high literary true-crime about serial killers.

He still writes, but he also makes photographs and films, which were recently exhibited in the Whitney Biennial.

His first proper LA show, at 356 Mission Gallery downtown, just opened and will be up through mid-November.

356 S Mission Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90033 (map)

CITY:  Los Angeles Archives Bazaar

The L.A. history geek is a very specific kind of geek. You probably know one of these people—someone who incessantly rattles off Chinatown references, keeps a well-thumbed copy of "Cadillac Desert" or "City of Quartz" on their coffee table, and is always insisting on walking places.

We are these people.  Which is why we are beyond excited for the tenth annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar at USC’s Doheny Library this Saturday.

USC is the host institution for a broad alliance between city libraries, museums, and cultural organizations called “LA as Subject.” It’s dedicated to preserving and improving access to archival materials that illuminate our city’s often-opaque histories.

And every year they host this awesome bazaar, where 80 different archives come and share their collections with the public and answer questions.

Come to browse old punk zines, maps, turn-of-the-century broadsides, and stay for the uber-geeky workshops on scrapbook preservation and historical research, plus an exclusive screening of a new KCET series called “Lost L.A.” Woo-hoo!

Doheny Memorial Library, 3550 Trousdale Pkwy, Los Angeles, CA 90089

FOOD: EastSide Food Fest

How the willowy citizens of the Eastside maintain their figures in the face of this gastronomical bull market, we will never know.

We're basically always eating. For our last gluttonous hurrah before next week's cleanse, we're the hitting East Side Food Festival, a year-old bacchanal of everything worth eating east of LaBrea under one roof at Mack Sennett studios in Silverlake.

This is the deal: you plonk down $65 at the door. Then you eat, to your heart's content, delicacies from Alimento, Dune, Homestate, Ohana Poke Co., Little Jewell of New Orleans, Pine & Crane, Starry Kitchen—our favorite cult underground restaurant, back from hiatus!—and a full menu's worth of other notable foodie names. Plus cooking demos, DJs, games, and even a food-themed nail art booth.

And, lest you feel like a worthless slob, proceeds from this thing go to homeless support concern PATH, whose work is more important than ever. Eat, feel good, repeat.

Mack Sennett Studios, 1215 Bates Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

MUSIC: Kim & The Created

People pay to see others believe in themselves. As a performer you sacrifice yourself, you go through the motions and emotions of sexuality for all the people who pay to see it, to believe that it exists.” -- Kim Gordon.

We’re here to talk about a different Kim: Kim & the Created. They are an Echo Park garage rock band captained by a front-tornado named Kim House. She gets top billing because this is fully her show.

She doesn't sing so much as...expel. She gives her whole self in maniacal catharsis. Cool punk rock frontwoman kind of stuff.

You can watch her do it tonight and every Monday night this month at the Kim & the Created’s Echo residency.

The Echo, 1822 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

WILDCARD: Red Rock Canyon

To be honest, we’ve never quite understood Topanga.  Like, where do people live? What are its boundaries? Is it fancy or just really, really remote?

So we did some recon recently. Turns out people live in mansions, but they also live in caves and insane little hermit huts cobbled together out of bits and pieces of other houses.

We're still not quite sure where Topanga begins or ends, but the wilderness that surrounds it is something else. Even the crummiest hiking trail out there is magical. And the nice ones are, like, unreal.

A local hipped us to Red Rock Canyon. It’s a sorta-hidden state park at the end of a narrow dusty road pebbled with weird dwellings. It feels like the Southwest: giant red sandstone outcroppings, purple canyons, and every kind of flowering sage imaginable.

Make it up to the top of Calabasas peak and the view of the Santa Monica Mountains is worth the trek. Five bucks to park.

23236-23242 W Red Rock Rd, Topanga, CA 90290 (map)

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