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'Lost Canyon': A dangerous hike for an unlikely group of Los Angeles characters

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The cover of 'Lost Canyon' by Nina Revoyr.

Author Nina Revoyr tells more about the story's inspiration, and why she wanted to bring together characters from LA's vastly different neighborhoods.

Southern California offers an abundance of gorgeous hiking spots and other heavenly outdoor places to explore. 

But imagine that you get the chance hike the Sierras for four days with some folks from your gym. You've got to carry enough food, clothes and a tent. And forget your cellphone - it won't work.

That's the set up for

's new novel, "Lost Canyon." Four Los Angeles-based hikers head out on an idyllic trek, and then run into some unexpected trouble. 

Revoyr joined host Deepa Fernandes to tell more about her inspiration behind the novel, and why she wanted to bring together characters from L.A.'s vastly different neighborhoods.

To listen to the full interview, click on the blue audio player above. You can also read an excerpt from 'Lost Canyon' below. Note: This excerpt contains strong language.  

Lost Canyon Chapter 2

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