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Latino vs. Hispanic, damaged brands, Ashley Madison hack

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Latino vs. Hispanic -- one cartoonist illustrated the difference, should brands hitch themselves to spokespeople, the precedent set by the Ashley Madison hackers.

It's the eternal question for millions of Spanish speakers who live in the United States: Am I Latino, Hispanic and does it matter?
In this week's Lab Notes, Sanden Totten drills down on studies that look at the impact of California's record-setting drought.
On this week's State of Affairs: Gov. Jerry Brown convenes special sessions on healthcare and transportation, and the aid-in-dying bill makes a comeback.
Jared Fogle was seen by the public as an amiable, all-American success story, which, for many, makes this week's news all the more shocking.
There have been all sorts of technological developments to make life on the road better. But one thing that's remained nearly the same? Average fuel economy.
Surprise, surprise -- there's been another data breach. On Tuesday hackers released millions of user records from the site
Director Juan Feldman shares his love affair with Costa Rica and what went into making his new film 'After Words.'
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