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Pope and climate change, transgender health, Warriors win the NBA finals

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Pope Francis waves from the window of his rooms at the Vatican to faithful at St. Peter's Square.

The Pope addresses climate change, transgender health, the Golden State Warriors win their first NBA championship in 40 years.

Religion and politics collide this week with Pope Francis' highly anticipated encyclical expected to be released Thursday. A discussion on how different faiths view the environment.
Transgender people are riding a high, with Caitlyn Jenner and her transition story at the crest of that wave. But there are many more issues they plan to tackle.
Bonus: Listen to our song about the cost of colonoscopies. We hope you'll remember this next time you go to the doctor.
Scientists are now realizing that lack of sleep is wreaking havoc on our brains, which drain out toxic waste when we're asleep.
Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors fend off LeBron James and the Caviliers to win the 2015 NBA Championship - this and more in this week's sports roundup.
The FCC will soon vote on tougher regulations to block callers, in response to the thousands of complaints they receive each year.
As anyone who has seen the viral video knows, the honey badger don't care.
Disney/ABC Television has apparently changed its mind after laying off about 35 technology employees in May.
He's from Southern California, an early member of the Low End Theory and now The Gaslamp Killer is launching a new type of show. A DJ with a live band.
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