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Minimum wage, LA race relations, Anna Deavere Smith's 'Never Givin' Up'

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A Denny's waitress delivers breakfast to customers in Emeryville, Calif.

UC Berkeley study shows nearly 3/4 of working families rely on public assistance, a survey on race relations in L.A., the MLK-inspired play, 'Never Givin' Up.'

The Golden State is doing better than most of the country.
A new study finds that nearly three-quarters of the people who rely on public assistance programs are members of working families.
The Forecast - Take Two's weekly lookahead for the week in news.
President Obama met with Cuba's Raul Castro in the first formal meeting between Cuban and American heads of state in more than 55 years.
Top execs at media companies continue to rack up compensation that far outweighs that in other industries, even when their firms' financial results falter.
The US Forest Service says its examining an expired permit from water bottling giant Nestlé that has allowed the company to pump water out of a national forest for years.
In past decades a big part of the angst over water has focused on a tiny fish no bigger than the size of your finger: The notorious Delta Smelt.
Surf Air, a California-based members-only private plane service, lets you fly as much as you want for a mere $1,750 a month.
More than a million children in the United States are without a home.
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