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Impatient: Are high deductibles ruining patients lives?

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Photo by Jessica Lucia via Flickr Creative Commons

High-deductibles got you down? Not sure how to handle paying $3000 dollars before your insurance kicks in? That's what we're talking about this week on Impatient.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, last year 80% of all employees covered by health insurance faced an annual deductible and almost one in five of those surveyed faced a deductible of at least $2,000.

Just a reminder, that’s the amount that they have to pay BEFORE most services are covered in their plans. 

Southern California Public Radio’s

 has been looking into how high-deductible health plans affect people’s health care decisions. Check out the Impatient blog, which is aimed at helping consumers navigate the healthcare system. She's been covering the high-deductible issue over there.

And she joins us every week for our consumer focused health segment of the same name, Impatient. This week, she sits down with A Martinez for a chat.

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