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Hospitals in other states experienced a similar superbug

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Photo by nate beaty via Flickr Creative Commons

Superbug outbreak at UCLA Ronal Reagan Medical Center is believed to have survived the disinfection process before they were used on other patients.

The antibiotic resistant bacteria at UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center in Los Angeles is believed to have infected 179 people and it may be responsible for two deaths. 

The bacteria has been traced to the use of endoscopes, a medical device that can be extremely difficult to clean thoroughly. But the spread of superbugs is nothing new. 

Similar incidents involving CRE occurred recently at hospitals in Seattle, Chicago and Pittsburgh. Procedures for handling this infection and others are being practiced by hospitals but it is far from routine. 

Dr Alex Kallen from the Centers of Disease Control has helped investigate the issue and he joined the show to talk more about it.

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