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A man's quest to fix one grammatical mistake on Wikipedia

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Yesterday I went to the Wikimedia Foundation offices in San Francisco for a Wiki Wednesday event. I took a photo of the iconic Wikipedia logo, here seen hanging at the wall as a 3D model.

Thank you Jimmy Wales, Wikimedia Foundation and contributors for bring Wikipedia to the masses!

I post-processed this into black & white realistic HDR.

HDR, 1 RAW exposure, NEX-6, SEL-P1650. DSC08897_hdr1bw1b
Photo by Peter Thoeny via Flickr Creative Commons
Wikipedia logo

Giraffedata, who's real name is Bryan Henderson, has been editing articles that use the phrase "comprised of" on Wikipedia since 2007.

About 8 million English Wikipedia articles are visited every hour of every day, yet only a tiny fraction of readers click the 'edit' button in the top right corner of every page.

Bryan Henderson is not most users. The 51-year-old software engineer has a pet peeve when it comes to people who misuse the phrase "comprised of." Under the moniker Giraffedata, he's made more than 47,000 edits to the site since 2007.

Joining the show to talk more about is another man with a deep passion for grammar, Ben Zimmer, executive editor of vocabulary dot com and language columnist with the Wall Street Journal

You can read Henderson's case for why you shouldn't use "comprised of" here

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