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Ezell Ford family lawyer says witnesses contradict LAPD account of shooting

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Alice Walton/ KPCC

Host A Martinez talks with a lawyer for Ezell Ford's family, Federico Sayre, who says he has many witnesses whose accounts contradict the officers' version of events.

The autopsy report of Ezell Ford, the unarmed black man who was fatally shot by two LAPD officers in August, was released earlier this week.

According to the report, the officers shot Ford three times: once in the right side, once in the arm, and in the back at close range. LAPD officials say those shots came after Ford "tackled" one of the officers and tried to grab the officer's gun.

Ford's family has disputed that account of the incident, but so far no eyewitnesses have come forward to the police.

Attorney Federico Sayre, who is representing Ford's parents in a federal wrongful death civil lawsuit against the city and the officers, says he has "many" witnesses whose accounts differ from the officers' version of events.

Sayre says that at the time the officers pulled up, some of the witnesses "saw [Ford] raise his hands, as the police officers got out of the vehicle, and they saw the officer who was driving the vehicle tackle him and take him down."

Other witnesses, Sayre says, "saw Ezell Ford with the officer on top of him and Ezell Ford face down, which basically is terrifically in conflict with the reported testimony of the officers as expressed by Chief Beck."

Sayre says he will take depositions of witnesses "within the next few months."

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