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Mechanics of the Sony hack, LA police get body cameras, Gena Rowlands new leading role

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LAPD officers took to City Hall Tuesday to call for raises. The unionized officers rejected a deal earlier this month that would have provided money for overtime but which did not include any funds for raises.
Photo by Chris Yarzab via Flickr Creative Commons
LAPD officers

Mayor Eric Garcetti has announced an ambitious plan to outfit LAPD officers with body cameras. Plus, the Sony hack got a lot more serious with a threat against theaters that show "The Interview," plus the return of actress Gena Rowlands. 

The fallout continues in the Sony hack, including threats by the hackers to attack theaters that screen, "The Interview." A former Sony cyber consultant helps put everything into perspective.
When hackers stole the personal info of millions of Target customers, last year, mom and pop stores shouldered a lot of the burden, too.
How do police body cameras work and are they effective?
President Obama announced the re-establishment of diplomatic ties with Cuba and an easing of economic and travel restrictions.
Research has disproved the notion that vaccines cause autism. But vaccines aren't entirely without risk, which is one of the reason there is a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.
Among some of the species found were pygmy killer whales, logger head turtles, as well as a surge in the whale population.
Do you know what you're entitled to from the airlines if you get delayed, bumped or worse?
The L.A. River is robustly flowing, thanks to the recent rains. Friends of the L.A. River co-founder and president Lewis MacAdams tells more about the water flow's impact.
Gena Rowlands and Cheyenne Jackson star in the new movie about a bristly, but loving relationship between an older woman and her dance instructor.
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