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Supreme Court denies review of gay marriage, once again takes on religious freedom

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The Supreme Court decision held that health care workers could not be forced to pay fees to the union recognized by the state of Illinois, because the state is not their direct employer. Some fear this will lead to further erosion of unions.
Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP
The Supreme Court will hear arguments in Holt v. Hobbes this week.

The fight for religious freedom heads back to the US Supreme Court this week. This time, the argument lies in the length of a beard.

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Monday it had denied review of decisions that struck down prohibitions on same-sex marriage in five states. But the court will take on the issue of religious freedom once again this week.  This time, the argument lies in the length of a beard.

In Holt v. Hobbes, Arkansas inmate Gregory Holt says he should be allowed to grow his facial hair as part of his Muslim faith. But officials at the facility where he's serving a life sentence for slitting his girlfriend's throat say no, on safety grounds.

SCOTUSblog editor Amy Howe joins Take Two to discuss Holt v. Hobbs, its similarities to the Hobby Lobby case, and what the Court's ruling could mean for the protection of minority faiths in the United States.

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