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Preparing for Ebola epidemic, California Sunday, indie studios and why pilot skills are waning

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Los Angeles' first cat café, the Catfé, is a pop-up that's open in Chinatown from October 2-5
Leo Duran/KPCC
Los Angeles' first cat café, the Catfé, is a pop-up that's open in Chinatown from October 2-5

On Friday, Take Two looks at how prepared Los Angeles County in the case of potential Ebola outbreak here, the place for indie studios and why automated planes lead pilot skills to wane. Then, we'll explore a cat cafe opening in Downtown LA.

We know, the heat wave is back and you probably don't feel like doing much of anything. But hey, it’s Friday and you deserve some fun.
President Barack Obama addressed immigration reform at the Hispanic Caucus conference on Thursday night. He was interrupted by a heckler who was clearly not happy with the administration's lack of action on the issue.
After the first person in America was diagnosed with Ebola this week, officials in other big cities are working to make sure the same mistake doesn't happen again.
Every week Take Two looks back on the week's events and puts them into perspective. Our guests this week are Elahe Izadi from the Washington Post and David Gura from Marketplace public radio.
For many single parents, this comes as no surprise: Rising costs and stagnating incomes have made child care the biggest expense for a family of three.
Thousands of walruses have been forced on to an Alaska beach because melting sea ice has left them with no other options for refuge.
What's really on the moon that looks like a man's face? The politics of smell. And sharks - some wanna party, some just want to hang out alone.
"The Boxtrolls" lead animator and CEO of Laika Studios, Travis Knight says "We want to aspire to be the bravest animation studio in the world."
Starting a new magazine in the current journalism climate may sound foolhardy, but that's just what the folks behind a new California media supplement have done.
With technological advances, planes basically fly by themselves. That's made traveling by air much safer, but it has also had a negative effect on pilots' flying skills.
Former State Senator Sheila Kuehl and former Santa Monica Mayor Bobby Shriver both want to to replace County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.
The Catfé is a pop-up cafe with cats that's only open this weekend. Get your cuddles on now.
The famed American pop artist may be most known for taking iconic images and "remixing" them. But all that's absent in his piece, "Shadows," now at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
Mario Montez was one of Andy Warhol's superstars, but he was a celebrated artist in his own right, too.
Actor Jack Black talks to Alex Cohen about his new film "Bernie," his Grammy and Golden Globe nominations, and the future of Tenacious D.
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