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Earthquake insurance: Is it worth it?

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Winemaker Tom Montgomery stands in wine and reacts to seeing damage following an earthquake at the B.R. Cohn Winery barrel storage facility on Sunday in Napa Valley. The quake reignited interest in earthquake insurance.

Interest in earthquake insurance spiked after the recent Napa earthquake, but only about one in 10 homeowners has coverage. Tara Siler of California Report explains.

The recent earthquake in Napa did more than break a lot of bottles; it reignited interest in earthquake insurance. 

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The state runs the California Earthquake Authority, and it issues the majority of quake policies.

Traffic on its website spiked after the earthquake. But the reality is - only about one homeowner in 10 has coverage.

The California Report's Tara Siler is one of those trying to decide whether she ought to take the plunge. 

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