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NFL domestic violence, immigrant education, kiddie cocktails, 'Cantinflas', Friday Flashback and more

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Ángel González
Mario Moreno made over four dozen films and was considered the Charlie Chaplin of the Latin world. But Moreno is better known professionally as Cantinflas. Take Two discusses the new biopic "Cantinflas" with the actor who portrays this Latin legend.

On Friday, Take Two discusses punishments for NFL players who commit domestic abuse, preschool education for immigrants, cocktails for kids, the actor playing Latin American icon Cantinflas and a look at the week in news with Friday Flashback.

The nation's immigration courts face an unprecedented backlog of cases. Much of that strain falls on the judges, who ultimately decide who can stay and who cannot.
Texas Governor Rick Perry ordered mission Operation Safety Strong to confront the flow of illegal drug traffic heading into the state.
Elahe Izadi of the Washington Post and James Rainey from the Los Angeles Times join the show to discuss the week that was in our weekly series - the Flashback.
The controversial shooting of Ezell Ford has been compared to the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and raised tensions between the LAPD and South L.A. residents.
As more car companies leave the U.S. to produce cars in Mexico, is Mexico becoming the new Detroit?
Spanish actor Óscar Jaenada has taken on the role of 'Cantinflas' in a movie of the same name, about the late comedic Mexican actor.
Lawmakers have been weighing in on all sorts of issues in the California state capitol this week. Scott Detrow of member station KQED shares more.
For a while homebrewers were prohibited from showcasing their homemade beer, all because of a legislative technicality.
Governor Jerry Brown's plan to overhaul California's water system includes building a pair of water tunnels under the Sacramento Delta that the EPA now says would violate federal law.
After outrage from fans and domestic violence groups that the punishment does not fit the crime for players' domestic abuse incidents, the NFL released new guidelines Thursday.
An effort to raise the minimum wage in Mexico, likely the lowest in Latin America, is gaining traction and attracting bipartisan support.
In cultures where parents normally have family members look after children, it can be a challenge to enroll kids in preschool.
The Cove House Lifeguard building had been around since the 1950s and was considered key in the life flow of administrative operations.
Earlier this week when the country's foremost Hello Kitty expert said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that the little Japanese icon was not a cat, social media went crazy. The expert, anthropologist Christine Yano, shares more on this pop culture news.
What would Don Draper Jr drink?
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