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Bring out the fun and fizz with kiddie cocktails

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What would Don Draper Jr drink?

It's, of course, illegal for minors to drink alcohol. It's also not really a good idea.

But does that mean that kids should be prevented from enjoying the wonderful world of mixed drinks? 

Absolutely not!

Stuart Sandler is the author of, "Kiddie Cocktails," a fabulous, illustrated collection of drinks which can be easily made without booze. 

Watch kid-at-heart Charles Phoenix demonstrate making a few right here at KPCC.

"Most of what you need to make kiddie cocktails are what you already have," says Sandler. "The best part of making a kiddie cocktail is making it together."

The recipes are built on the core flavors of traditional adult cocktails, but top them off with a bunch of flair, flavor and color.

For example, the Cotton Candy is made with 7-Up poured over, natch, cotton candy.

"The 7-Up kind of melts the cotton candy," said Alex Cohen as she was made a glass with blue cotton candy. "It's like this electric blue!"

Others can be made with a bit of mixology.

The Orange Dream is made by simply blending orange soda with an equal amount of cream soda, making a drinkable, fizzy creamsicle.

But Sandler says there are few ways you can go wrong, and even if you do it's fun. Just remember moderate how much your children drink and don't go overboard.

"Enjoy your kiddie cocktails but enjoy them responsibly," he says.

The Cotton Candy

What you need:

  • 6 oz Sprite or 7-Up
  • 6 oz cotton candy

To make: 

So simple and so tasty you may not be able to stop yourself from drinking it! Stuff a hurricane glass full of cotton candy and slowly pour chilled Sprite or 7-Up over the top. Watch the cotton candy melt, then top it off with a handful of ice cubs. Enjoy through a tall straw.

The Orange Dream

What you need:

  • Orange soda
  • Cream soda

To make:

Blend equal parts of each soda into a single glass. Get your mouth ready for a burst of sweet, fizzy flavor, but watch out, once you start blending sodas together you may never want to drink them individually again.

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