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Tribune Company, earthquake warnings, Gaza's displaced residents and more

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The Los Angeles Times building in downtown L.A.
Mae Ryan/KPCC
The Los Angeles Times building in downtown L.A.

Today, we talk about the Tribune Company's spinoff and what it means for readers of papers like the LA Times. We also discuss earthquake early warning systems, Gaza's displaced residents, the search for the missing Malaysia flight, California's rise in food stamp usage and much more.

The LA Times, Chicago Tribune and other media properties that it once owned will now form Tribune Publishing. It's a multi-million dollar deal that comes in the wake of bankruptcy proceedings for the Tribune Company.
Israel declared the partial ceasefire in Gaza earlier. It was intended as a humanitarian gesture, to give relief groups time to deal with the ongoing devastation. However, one major consequence of some five weeks of shelling is the widespread displacement of residents in Gaza.
State law calls for public-private partnership on quake early warning system. Trade secrets, different approaches complicate cooperation.
The worker's transfer back to the U.S. has caused a lot of concern and questions about how the decision was made to bring Ebola to American shores.
A Southern California judge has refused to order the district attorney's office to recuse itself or to take the death penalty off the table in the case of a man who admitted killing eight people at an Orange County hair salon.
The fight against stricter regulations on Texas abortion clinics goes to court again today. Lawyers will argue on behalf of two clinics near the U.S./Mexico border. Those clinics have shut their doors, unable to meet new rules passed by state lawmakers last year.
The plane likely went down in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia, but not a trace of it, or any of its 239 passengers, has been found.
Recent data about the U.S. government food-stamp program showed an interesting trend – a decline.
Rebecca Keegan of the Los Angeles Times joins us for our weekly look at the film business.
Starting today, more than 50 great works of American art are coming to a billboard, city bus, bus stop, or subway ad near you.
All seven former Bell officials convicted on public corruption charges have been sentenced, but their financial crimes have left the small town deep in debt.
In the first of a four-part series, we turn to the California Report's Rachael Myrow to look at the state of assisted living in California.
For years, musician Kawehi struggled to succeed in LA, so eventually she moved to Kansas. That's when things started to change for the better for her career.
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