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Migrant crisis, whooping cough, Father Greg Boyle and more

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A school nurse prepares a vaccine against whooping cough before giving it to students at Mark Twain Middle School in Los Angeles.

Today on the show, we start with a look at whether the House GOP will be able to pass migrant crisis legislation before August recess. Then, why aren't Nicaraguans migrating to the U.S.? Plus, you can now add whooping cough vaccination to your back-to-school list, frustrated, a young immigrant returns to Mexico, Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries on his meeting with President Obama and much more.

Congress is wrapping up business before members leave for the August recess on Friday. Among the items on the agenda is legislation to deal with the surge of children crossing the U.S.- Mexico border.
While most of the recent migrants to the U.S. come from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, we've seen few children coming from Nicaragua.
KPCC's Mary Plummer looks at the role of teaching artists and brings you this story on a new effort out of the California Institute of the Arts.
President Obama was in California last week for string of big fundraisers, but he also made time for a meeting with Father Gregory Boyle of L.A.'s Homeboy Industries.
As families prepare for the Back to School season, here’s another task to add to the list: Vaccinations against whooping cough.
Police and public health officials in Northern California are on the hunt for a man with tuberculosis who's refused treatment and could be contagious.
Comic-Con came to an end this weekend, and we've got plenty of announcements to cover. One of them being the trailer for the new "Mad Max" movie, which made its way to the Internet yesterday.
When it comes to marijuana, are there lessons to be learned from our country's experience with repealing prohibition?
California Governor Jerry Brown is in Mexico today promoting investment and trade with 100 delegates representing various business interests.
From public station KUOW in Seattle, reporter Liz Jones offers this profile of one man in his early 30s, who's returning to Mexico after living here for almost half his life.
The industry of GIS — geographical information systems — is on everybody's radar at Esri's User Conference in San Diego. As 'big data' gets bigger, so does GIS.
Photos of three wolf pups have been taken in Oregon's Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and U.S. Fish and Wildlife confirms, everyone's favorite wandering wolf - OR-7 - is indeed their dad.
Christine Harris' recent study, "Jealousy in Dogs," demonstrated that it is possible for dogs to show signs of jealousy, indicating that it's more primordial than recently believed
This fall, the USA network will premiere a new original series called Dig - set in Jerusalem. The show was created by 'Homeland' creator Gideon Raff.
The upcoming USA series, "Dig," is a fictional drama about archaeology in Jerusalem. But there's plenty of real life drama at a dig site called the City of David.
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