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E-cigarettes, oil rail transport, Maker Faire, elderly inmates and more

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A customer holds the electronic cigarette he purchased at a store in Miami.

Today on the show, we start with news that big tobacco is lighting up the e-cigarette market. Then, an analysis by Politico shows oil-train accidents have skyrocketed in last 5 years. Plus, what can 'maker culture' do for the US economy? The energy vampire that lets you watch 'Game of Thrones,' photographer Andrew Burton documents the quiet lives of elderly CA inmates and much more.

Supporters of electronic cigarettes have long touted their benefits. They say that the devices help smokers quit, that they eliminate the dangers related to second hand smoke and that they're an overall healthier option to cigarettes.
As the country ramps up domestic oil production, there are concerns over the transportation of crude across North America.
A massive construction project is underway to build a 20-foot tunnel underneath Lake Mead - called the Third Straw.
Salmon and trout living in California hatcheries are being moved by truck to cooler waters in order to save their population, because of side-effect from the state's acute drought.
The practice of digging deep holes to pinpoint evidence of past quakes — called trenching — isn't always conclusive.
A tie is as good as a win, is LeBron James a winner or a whiner? And the Washington Redskins are no longer protected, at least by a trademark.
The White House hosts its first ever Maker Faire, today. A blend of science fairs and county fairs, the administration hopes that by promoting maker culture, it will jump start innovation and promote manufacturing in the creative fields.
Elderly inmates in California prisons who meet new parole criteria may be released early, California parole officials announced this week.
Photographer Andrew Burton took a look at the programs and facilities that California has developed to deal with the challenge of a growing number of elderly prisoners.
Professional caregivers are set to file a class action lawsuit in California today. They say their employer, Kindred Healthcare and its affiliates, failed to pay minimum wage or overtime as the state requires.
In response to a growing number of heroin and prescription drug overdoses, more than 20 states — including California — have changed their laws to allow more people to utilize an overdose prevention antidote.
Cable boxes can drain so much power that they're often a home's biggest energy suck — behind air conditioning.
The federal "Sunshine Law" will require public disclosure of financial relationships between certain doctors and businesses. That will shed more light on Physician Owned Distributorships, or PODS.
It's been less than three weeks since U.S. prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl was released from Taliban captivity, but two different film adaptations of his story are already in the works.
Actress Rosie Perez is the Artistic Chair for the Urban Arts Partnership and will be an actress in one of the 24-hour plays presented in Santa Monica this Friday.
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