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NYPD asks Twitter to submit photos with cops. Guess what happened next

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NYPD launched #myNYPD Tuesday asking community members to tweet cute, friendly pics with officers. It worked for a little bit, but then things went awry.

Snap a photo with a police officer and post it on Twitter. That was the concept behind the New York Police Department's #myNYPD social media campaign Tuesday. 

It worked ... for a little bit.

The hashtag went viral — but the photos weren't friendly. Things took a turn when several users hijacked the hashtag including Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The trend soon spread to L.A. where people created #myLAPD with examples of alleged abuse by officers.

Buzzfeed reporter Ryan Broderick joins Take Two to explain how police departments use social media to improve community relations, and how it could have been used better in this case. To listen to the segment, click on "Listen Now" to the left of this article. 

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