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Venezuela protest, translating 'Breaking Bad, narwhal science and more

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Today on the show, we'll take a look at the continued protests in Venezuela. Then, the challenges in translating "Breaking Bad" for a Spanish-language audience. Plus, UC Berkeley hires its first Wikipedian in residence, Cal Poly reacts to its unexpected win, and much more.

The Obama administration is pulling out all the stops to appeal to young invincibles as its key March 31st Affordable Care Act deadline approaches. Apparently that means cat GIFs - lots and lots of cat GIFs.
The evolution of the Internet has led to all sorts of interesting possibilities for employment. These days you can earn your keep as a blogger, you can make cash serving as a juror in a virtual court case.
It's time for another installment of Take Two's weekly sports talk. We take a look at Phil Jackson's new role as the president of the New York Knicks, the Dodgers and more.
After last November's deadly shooting at LAX, officials have been looking into what they could have been done better.
Boy George spoke with A Martinez about the new album, overcoming his drug addiction and introducing a new sound to his already established audience.
In Venezuela, tensions on are on the rise this week after government forces moved in to clear a plaza in the capitol that has become a focal point for protesters. The clashes have continued for six weeks now.
A Spanish-language remake of "Breaking Bad" called "Metástasis" just wrapped up production in Colombia. Whether or not it'll live up to the acclaim of "Breaking Bad" remains to be seen.
The arctic whale looks something like a unicorn of the sea, with a spindly tusk that can grow up to 9 feet long. This unusual appendage has been a focus of fascination and controversy for centuries.
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