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Slideshow: Instagrammers fan out across Downtown LA for meetup in the world's most Instagrammed city

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LA's most dedicated Instagrammers met up on a December day and wandered en masse through the LA River basin. Los Angeles is the world's most commonly photographed city on the photo sharing service,

On a drizzly, cold Sunday afternoon on the eastern edge of Downtown Los Angeles, several  dozen people wandered through the rain with their phones outstretched and their heads swiveling around the landscape.

This was an Instameet, a group of people who get together for a walk and collective photo session.

The group headed toward the basin of the L.A. River and started snapping away. The diversity of the results reveals the widely varying perspectives of photographers when they all approach one subject.

"I'll take photos of just something that I dream of, or my heart desires. I just kind of make my dream a reality so people can see it and then I add a caption to it. It's kind of like my heart speaks out," said Liz Gomez, a mother who went on the InstaWalk with her husband and two-year-old son.

Los Angeles is the most Instagrammed city in the world. LAX, Dodger Stadium, the Staples Center and the Santa Monica Pier are all in the top 10 most frequently shared places in the world.

Take a look at these Instagrammers we met on the journey through Downtown Los Angeles. They each view the city in their own way:

@dayzdandconfuzd - Los Angeles streetscapes presented in bold contrasts and competing forms.

@whittiersam - Personal stories and portraits from the down and out and downright interesting in Downtown Los Angeles.

@verntakesaphoto - Landscapes, bold colors and a lot of pictures of the artist flying through mid-air.

@ilisii - A mix of fantasy and reality from Southern California.

@visualwhiplash_  - A roving photojournalist with an Instagram addiction.

@diegobot - Epic, high-contrast urban landscapes and art photography from Los Angeles.

@igla - Instagram Lovers Anonymous is based in Los Angeles, but it holds global competitions every week on a theme. If you win, we'll interview you on KPCC.

@kpcc - While you're at it, follow your favorite public radio station.

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