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#WhatCACanDo: A statewide special on the San Bernardino shooting

Californians confront one of the most devastating mass shootings in U.S. history.

It was one was of the most devastating mass shootings in United States history.Fourteen peoplewere killed at a holiday party on Wednesday in San Bernardino. 

The San Bernardino shooting has left us with many questions. We are convening a conversation online. And, at 3 p.m. on Friday, December 4, we will hold a statewide, on-air conversation about what California can do in the face of this act. We are using the hashtag

, and we'd like your ideas starting now.

Here's what our listeners have been saying when we asked: What could have been done to prevent this? 

Assault weaponry has no business or purpose in the general public.

How close to a U.S. Representative or Senate members family does an event like this have to occur before real discussions on gun control will take place?

—Alan Corlin

Security cameras inside and out tied to a central database that local, State, and Federal agencies can SHARE. If you are going to have security on site, they should be trained and armed. We need to empower an army of volunteer first responders so facilities are not instantly overwhelmed and first aide can be administered on the scene rather than rushing non-life threatening cases to a packed ER.

— Nicholas Stanton​

The steps are: 1) admit there's a problem. 2) find possible solutions. 3) decide which one is best. 4) implement it. 5) reevaluate the situation, and make sure the fix worked. Why we haven't even completed step 1, I don't know. It probably starts with "N" and ends with "RA", though….

—Patrick Lee

In the type of event that occurred in San Bernardino, the one piece of information that struck me, was the amount of ammunition, not only found on the suspects in their vehicle, but also at their home. Later, at a news conference a journalist postured the question of whether or not there were a database that tracked the purchase of ammunition. The answer was no, which shocked me.

—Eileen Legge

Short of changing gun laws and massive security infrastructure upgrades, we need to lessen the appeal of guns, stop glorifying them, stop with the excessive violence in our entertainment and do a better job screening persons buying guns and those with mental illness. I would have to think that some of these suspects exhibited some clues to what they were thinking.

—M Hank Etess

No one needs an assault rifle except military and law enforcement. No one needs a handgun, really, but if they want one, cartridge size should be limited. I really think only guns used for hunting should be allowed, and the purpose of hunting guns is not to blow the animal to bits.

—Laura Monteros

Universal Background Checks. No automatic or assault riffles. No multi-cartridge magazines.

—Steve Kaplan

Join the live conversation broadcast on Friday at 3 p.m. by calling 866-893-KPCC (5722). Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #WhatCACanDo.

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