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Facebook’s latest venture: News

Marco Paköeningrat/Flickr

Social media giant Facebook wants to change the way you get the news.

Social media giant Facebook wants to change the way you get the news.

The New York Times recently revealed plans to publish some of its stories directly to Facebook. The Times isn’t the only one, either; the social platform will be teaming up with a number of other news outlets, as well, including National Geographic and BuzzFeed.

Details about the rollout have yet to be revealed, however the announcement is already causing a stir in the media industry. With over 1.4 billion users, Facebook has the potential to become the world’s top media distributor. But could this new media model also give Facebook too much power?

Although stories hosted on Facebook will be easy to access, this convenience comes at the cost of a news organization’s autonomy. If Facebook chooses to expand the program, publishers who don’t work with the site could find themselves at a big disadvantage.

Do you trust Facebook to not interfere with the news you get?


Mike Ananny, professor of digital journalism at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism

Connie Guglielmo, CNET News editor-in-chief

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