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Parking sign makeover aims to spare Angelenos parking citations

LA drivers know finding street parking can be frustrating, but deciphering parking signs is an even more daunting challenge.

Confusing, even conflicting parking signs in Los Angeles have often led to expensive parking tickets for Angelenos. Now, the City Council is responding to years of gripes about parking poles, which often have three or more signs. The Council has asked transportation officials to test out a new, simplified sign. 

Councilmember Paul Krekorian tells KPCC that the city owes it to drivers to make parking restrictions easier to understand.
"I think everybody in every part of Los Angeles has had that exceptionally frustrating experience of finally getting lucky enough to find a place to park," Krekorian said, "and then as you get out of your car, trying to translate the hieroglyphics of the park restriction signs. It can get immensely confusing, and we hear this all the time from people."
The new style of parking sign will have grid-like features — kind of like a daily organizer — so that drivers can easily tell when and where it is legal to park. You might see those signs around parts of the city over the next 45 days as part of a trial run from the L.A. Department of Transportation.

A New York graphic artist has created the new sign design — using green and red blocks to simplify what are sometimes cryptic messages.

What do you think about the City Council’s plan for new parking signs? Do you have a better idea? Which neighborhoods or streets have the most confusing signage?

your favorite (or least favorite) parking signs.


Paul Krekorian, LA City Councilmember for the 2nd District, including Studio City, North Hollywood, and Van Nuys

Michael Brouillet, founder of Park Safe LA, an iPhone app that helps Angelenos decipher parking signs 

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