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Los Angeles Was Chosen As Site For Federal Initiative To Reduce Homelessness. What Will This Mean For The City’s Already Ongoing Efforts?

Published May 19, 2023 at 8:53 AM PDT
A homeless encampment lines a street in Skid Row on December 14, 2022 in Los Angeles, California
Mario Tama/Getty Images
Getty Images North America
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 14: A homeless encampment lines a street in Skid Row on December 14, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles Was Chosen As Site For Federal Initiative To Reduce Homelessness. What Will This Mean For The City’s Already Ongoing Efforts?

All Inside 05.19.2023

The White House has chosen the city of Los Angeles as one of six sites across the country to participate in a new federal initiative to reduce homelessness in the U.S. by 25% over the next two years. In addition to Los Angeles, the Biden administration announced Thursday its new efforts to address homelessness will focus on Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle and the state of California. As part of the plan, the Biden administration will embed a federal official in each of the local governments. It’ll also task various federal departments with cutting red tape, issuing government identification documents faster (which can speed up access to resources) and helping unhoused people connect with programs such as federally funded housing vouchers and Medicaid.

Today on AirTalk, LAist Housing Reporter David Wagner, who has been following the story, joins Austin Cross to explain some of the details of this federal initiative and how it will mesh with the efforts the City of L.A. and Mayor Bass are already undertaking to find housing for unhoused people in Los Angeles.

With files from David Wagner at

USDA Considers Banning One Of The Best Parts Of School Lunch: Chocolate Milk

School Nutrition 05.19.2023

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is considering taking flavored milks, including chocolate milk, off the menu in school cafeterias. The move could come as the group enacts the latest standards for school nutrition, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The idea has a lot of folks divided. On the one hand, chocolate milk has more sugar than regular milk. Some say banning it would benefit kids' health and nutrition. But some nutritionists say the benefits of other essential vitamins from the milk outweigh the concerns over sugar. This isn't a new proposition. The Los Angeles Unified School District actually took flavored milk off its menus more than a decade ago, but many rejoiced when it returned in 2017. Around that same time, San Francisco schools took chocolate milk off their menus. Joining to discuss how these policies are considered and implemented is Wendi Gosliner, senior researcher with the Nutrition Policy Institute at the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Total Household Debt In The US Has Hit $17 Trillion – What Does That Number Tell Us?

Household Debt 05.19.2023

According to a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, total household debt in the first quarter of 2023 surpassed $17 trillion for the first time–almost $3 trillion more than before the pandemic (total household debt includes things like mortgage debt, credit card debt, and student loan debt, among other figures). There are many factors contributing to that eye-watering number, like a rise in interest rates and high inflation, as well as lingering effects of the pandemic. Joining us to break down the data is David Sovich, assistant professor of finance at the University of Kentucky. Also joining us to talk about how these numbers are playing out on the ground is Delia Fernandez, a fee-only certified financial planner and investment advisor.

Chasten Buttigieg On Why His Adaptation Of His Memoir “I Have Something To Tell You” For Young Adults Is Really Meant For Adults

Chasten Buttigieg Book 05.19.2023

How often have you been told, “Just be yourself.” Easy for some, maybe. But what if you’re afraid to accept who you are? That maybe your friends or your family might abandon you if they knew? If that strikes a chord… you’re not alone. It’s a feeling Chasten Buttigieg knows all too well. He’s been many things in his life -- barista, nursing assistant, school teacher. And most people might know him today… as the husband of one-time presidential candidate and current U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. But years before he found himself on the campaign trail alongside his husband, he was just a young man from the Midwest with a big secret: he was gay. Chasten Buttigieg tells his story in his memoir, recently adapted for young adults, “I Have Something To Tell You.”

Today on AirTalk, Austin Cross talks with Chasten Buttigieg about his journey to discover himself, what it was like when he finally came out to his family and friends, how it all prepared him for life in the public eye, and the advice he can share with other young LGBTQ+ folks who are still on their own journey to discover who they really are.

Chasten will be talking about his book at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles Friday, May 19th at 7:00 p.m. with actor Chris Colfer of “Glee.” For more information and a link to register, click here.

FilmWeek: ‘Fast X,’ ‘Wanda Sykes: I’m An entertainer,’ ‘Astérix & Obélix: The Middle Kingdom,’ and more

FW Review 05.19.2023

Larry Mantle and LAist film critics Lael Loewenstein, Tim Cogshell and Charles Solomon review this weekend’s new movie releases in theaters, streaming, and on demand platforms.

Larry Mantle’s Interview With Sound Designer Mark Mangini

FW Feature 05.19.2023

‘32 Sounds’ is an immersive documentary that explores the phenomenon of sound. From bird calls to voice memos, to the crackle of a falling tree, the film takes the audience on a number of sonic journeys. The sound designer and re-recording mixer for this documentary is Mark Mangini. He is a two-time Academy Award Winner for 'Dune' and 'Mad Max Fury Road'. Larry Mantle sits down with Mangini to discuss how sounds bring movies alive.

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