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Hate Crimes On The Rise In California, Globally Too. What Can Communities Do In Response?

Published May 12, 2023 at 8:42 AM PDT
An exterior of the state capitol is shown on January 5, 2006 in Sacramento, California
David Paul Morris/Getty Images
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SACRAMENTO, CA - An exterior of the state capitol in Sacramento, California. Amid rising hate crimes in California, the California Civil Rights Department announced the launch of the CA vs Hate hotline where victims and witnesses can report acts of hate.

Hate Crimes On The Rise In California, Globally Too. What Can Communities Do In Response?

ADL Hate Report 05.12.2023

More than 500 antisemitic acts targeting Jewish people were committed in California last year, an increase of more than 40% from 2021, underscoring a proliferation of hate crimes and extremism in the state. The civil rights organization’s report also shows how established groups such as the Proud Boys continue to target local LGBTQ+ events, especially drag queen story hours. In response the California Civil Rights Department unveiled a statewide non-emergency hate crime hotline. The hotline, serving as an alternative to law enforcement, helps connect people who experience or witness hate crimes with various resources, including legal and mental health assistance. Joining us to discuss the rise in antisemitism and hate crimes in California is Sharon Brous, senior Rabbi at IKAR, a Los Angeles-based Jewish congregation and Robert Trestan, vice president of the Anti Defamation League West. Have comments or questions about the rise in hate crimes? Call us at 866-893-5722 or email us as

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Food Talk: What Made Birria Such A Popular Dish Over The Last Several Years?

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For those of you on TikTok, you might have seen the great birria boom of 2020, with lots of folks glued to their phones watching trends unfold, one of them being birria. It grabbed folks' attention because you have a flavorful, stewed chunk of beef getting shredded into a quesadilla or even ramen. Research from Datassential last year found that birria more than doubled in its availability nationally at restaurants over a four-year span. In that time, El Pollo Loco has also brought the dish into its menu as a limited edition food. So what has given this dish more staying power in its popularity?

Today on AirTalk, we take a look at this birria craze, hear from those behind it, and hear from listeners on what they love about the dish. Joining us to talk about the history, origins and growing popularity of birria are James Beard award-winning writer and contributor at Eater LA Bill Esparza and Isaias Pena, executive chef of the restaurant Que Padre in Pacific Palisades.

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Mother’s Day isn’t just about brunch and bouquets–it’s a time for reflection on the difficult, maddening, joyful work of motherhood. If your family is celebrating you, if you’re lucky enough to be able to celebrate with your mother, or if you’re spending the day thinking about your mom, we want to hear from you! What’s been your biggest challenge as a mother? Or, what is a challenge in your life that your mom helped you get through? Call us at 866-893-5722 or email To kick off the conversation, we’re speaking with Sara Harkness, Professor in Human Development and Family Sciences and Director of the Center for the Study of Culture, Health, and Human Development at the University of Connecticut about how the idea of motherhood differs across cultures.

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