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Lucy Copp

Producer, AirTalk & FilmWeek

Hello! I’m an associate producer for “AirTalk With Larry Mantle.” I moved here from Rhode Island seven years ago to get a master’s in visual anthropology at USC. After graduating I dove headfirst into television, working on a couple of series with Morgan Freeman: “Story of God with Morgan Freeman” and “Through the Wormhole.” In between production gigs, I found myself volunteering for an 80-year-old nun named Sister Mary, helping her facilitate parole preparation workshops for people in prison with life sentences. Out of this experience came a podcast I created called Life on the Outside, where people share their stories about what it’s like to return to society after long-term incarceration. I am really excited to have just received an Individual Artist Grant from the California Arts Council to continue this passion project. Before joining the AirTalk team I did freelance reporting on criminal justice and veterans for KCRW, KQED, and WUNC Chapel Hill. I’ll wrap by saying I’m passionate about restorative justice, first-person storytelling, and exploring new and engaging ways to share audio stories.