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Jon Cohn

Executive Director, Live Programming & Events (he/him)

Jon Cohn is LAist's (formerly KPCC's) Executive Director, Live Programming & Events and oversees the LAist Live Programming & Events team.

Jon Cohn has been with Southern California Public Radio since 2005 and has overseen production of LAist's forum programs and live events since 2009. He has managed programming for the Crawford Family Forum — the town hall venue connected to LAist's Mohn Broadcast Center in Pasadena — since its inception in 2010.

Jon currently co-produces and directs LAist Live Programming & Events' community-driven storytelling series "Unheard LA."

In 2015, the events team shared an RTNA Golden Mike Award with LAist's Take Two program for "50 years after the Watts Riots: A look back at the community's past, present and future" — a live broadcast event in the city of Watts on the anniversary of the riots. In 2016, Jon launched KPCC In Person, the former identity for the organization's Content events and engagement platform.

Jon spent four years working with LAist's development and executive teams before moving to his current position. There, he helped manage major gift fundraising operations, strategic projects and special events for the station.

Jon is the Founding Artistic Director of Mutineer Theatre Company, a nonprofit organization dedicated to original work. He's also an award-winning stage actor and serves on the Board of Directors of the Proteus Syndrome Foundation.

Born in Washington, DC and raised in Northern Virginia, Jon has been a proud Southern California resident since 2004.