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5 podcasts you should listen to this March

If you're all caught up on KPCC’s latest podcast "Repeat," here are some other must-listen recommendations from the KPCC podcast team.

1. Why Won’t You Date Me?

Matteo Lane

I’ve become obsessed with Nicole Byer’s new podcast. It’s funny, revealing and she has the ability to have her guests be vulnerable and personal in front of a mic. Each episode, Byer brings on a guest to talk about their dating life. It feels like your eavesdropping into a candid conversation — and the show’s theme song is just pure genius. - James Kim

Start with Episode: 03 (Just don’t listen to it with any kids around)

2. Heavyweight


Sometimes I let podcasts pile up in my feed so that I can binge listen later. I did this with the second season of "Heavyweight," a show produced by Gimlet. "Heavyweight" strikes a chord episode after episode, diving into past romantic relationships, parental conflict and friendships that fade over time. - Misha Euceph

Start with episode: Galit

3. On The Media


You don’t need to work in media to appreciate this long-running show. Each week Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield investigate how media shapes our worldview. I often get distracted by the latest podcast to top the charts, but when I run out of new, I rely on what is great — and "On The Media" always is. As I find myself overwhelmed by the news, "On The Media" helps me make sense of it all. - Arwen Champion Nicks

Start with episode: Back to the Future

Additional reading: The Trouble with Reality

4. Love + Radio

Nick van der Kolk

The most moved (not necessarily in a good way) I've ever been by a piece of audio was listening to the episode of "Love + Radio," "A Red Dot." I can’t say that I recommend that one, as it is an incredibly difficult interview with a convicted sex offender, but I consider L+R to be the most consistently chills-inducing podcast I have ever heard. If you like the feeling you get from "The Twilight Zone" or "Black Mirror," imagine getting that feeling from true stories. Sound fun? "Love + Radio" is for you. - Arwen Champion Nicks

Start with episode: The Living Room

5. This is Love

Phoebe Judge

Phoebe Judge, Lauren Spohrer and the team behind "Criminal’s" new podcast, "This is Love," created something so simple and beautiful with a subject that’s been covered to death in podcasting. And I honestly don’t know how they put a fresh spin on the topic. Every episode takes on a different story about love. - The entire On Demand team agrees on this one

Start with episode: LISTEN TO THEM ALL!