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More arrests, officer injured in LA on 3rd night of anti-Trump protests

About 185 people were arrested and one officer injured in Los Angeles during a third night of protests over the presidential election of Donald Trump, police said.

The protests were peaceful for most of the afternoon and evening, Los Angeles police Sgt. Barry Montgomery told KPCC.

"At some point during the evening, things went awry. We had some folks out there doing vandalism and blocking roadways and all of those are things we just can't tolerate," Montgomery said.

Around midnight, a group refused to leave the area around Olympic Boulevard and Olive Street, and about 35 people were arrested. Another 150 people were arrested about an hour later near Cesar Chavez and Grand Avenue.

One officer was injured and treated at a hospital before being released.

Most of the adults were charged with blocking the roadway and failure to disperse, while minors were charged with curfew violations.

NBC4 reports the crowd was substantially smaller than the one that blocked the 101 Freeway on Wednesday night. California Highway Patrol officers were able this time to prevent the protesters from accessing the freeway.

Mayor Eric Garcetti was critical Wednesday of any attempts to block the freeway or destroy property, but he said he was proud of those who protested peacefully.

Frustration over the outcome of the election has continued to boil over in cities across the country, with protesters declaring that Trump is “not my president.”

In Portland, police declared the demonstrations a riot as protesters began to break windows, throw objects at police and light firecrackers, at one point lighting a dumpster on fire, NPR reports.

Police attributed the rowdiness and destruction to a subset of anarchists in the crowd.

Protests also continued in New York, Oakland and Chicago, according to NPR.

As the Associated Press reports, Trump took to Twitter to respond:

Later, Trump sent a tweet expressing appreciation for protesters' passion for the country.


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