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Veteran's Village in Glendale offers housing and help — under one roof

Veteran's Village, a new affordable housing complex for veteran with families, had its grand opening Tuesday in Glendale. The facility is meant to help veterans at risk or struggling with homelessness.

The complex was created in a $20 million partnership between the developer, the city of Glendale, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and veterans services organization New Directions, according to a press release from the developer.

Veteran's Village has 44 units ranging from one to three bedrooms, with rents for the one-bedroom apartments between $400 and $930 per month, Jordan Pynes, president of Thomas Safran and Associates, told KPCC.

"We had over 4,500 applications for the 44 units," Pynes said. "So there is a tremendous need, and we need to build a lot more affordable housing in the future."

The press release notes that there are more than 4,000 homeless veterans in Los Angeles County on any given night, many suffering from mental or physical medical issues.

Pynes said that there was a need for affordable housing for all families, but particularly for veterans.

The idea for the complex came from the city of Glendale, Pynes said. The agreement keeps the units as affordable housing for veterans for the next 55 years. The idea for affordable housing for veterans has been a popular subject, Pynes said, with everyone wanting to help.

New Directions is providing on-site case management, providing veterans help with job placement, housing needs and psychological issues, Pynes said. The complex also has community areas, a gym, a playground, a library, computers and other amenities.

"Our goal is to create a community within a community. We want them to interact together," Pynes said.

There aren't any official plans for Thomas Safran And Associates to build more housing for veterans at this time, but Pynes said that they are in talks and planning with several cities already and hope to do more units in the near future. He said they do have 800 affordable housing units that aren't just for veterans in their pipeline at the moment.

"Our  returning,  well-deserving  veterans  can  take comfort in knowing that the City of Glendale is committed to welcoming them with open arms — and resources," Glendale Housing Authority Chair Vartan Gharpetian said in the press release.

The complex is Glendale's second affordable housing project for veterans, according to the release. One difference with this complex is that it allows children, which many other veterans' housing options don't, the release states.