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SoCal’s NYE and Rose Parade weather forecast — and how Iowans stay warm

If you're going to a New Year’s Eve party Thursday night or to the Rose Parade Friday, you may want to layer up.

Southern California will ring in 2016 with temperatures slightly below normal, said the National Weather Service, with temperatures in the low 40s on New Year’s Eve.

Thousands of cold-weather experts have come to Southern California from Iowa to see their team in the Rose Bowl. We sought out a few of them while they watched Rose Parade floats being decorated right near the stadium in Pasadena.
"This isn’t cold — this is cool,” said Marcia Schuett, who lives west of Davenport. It was snowing when she and her husband left there earlier in the week and they’re hearing the temperature is topping out at about 25 degrees back home. 
So how do Iowans like her manage in that kind of cold? "Stay inside,” Schuett told KPCC. 

But for those who have to go out in the cold and stay awhile, Jim Alderson of Mount Pleasant says, “it’s all in the clothing.” One of his favorite leisure activities is ice-fishing, which involves sitting in the cold for long stretches. 

"You wear layers and layers of clothes, and if it warms up and gets to be 15 or 16 degrees, you take some off,” Alderson explained.

Does booze ever help? 

“Occasionally, there might be a beverage procured somewhere,” he said. “You don’t even have to bring a cooler with you.  You just throw it out on the ice.” 
Roger Fouche of Des Moines agreed with Alderson on the concept of layering clothes, but he says some Iowans take the layering to another place.
"We just put on an extra layer of fat for the winter and get us through the winter, and then we try to lose it in the spring,” Fouche said. 
But he acknowledged that many like him aren’t always successful in the spring. 

Highs on Friday, when floats will head down Colorado Avenue for the annual Rose Parade, will be in the low- to mid-60s. The agency forecasts light to moderate winds with no chance of rain.

The weekend will see similar conditions. But the weather service said a couple of low pressure systems may bring rain and mountain snow Tuesday through Thursday.