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Westwood riders can soon legally lock bikes on parking meters

A bike locked to a parking meter illegally in Westwood Village. A new plan from the city to install hitches on meters could make this kind of bike parking legal.
Meghan McCarty/KPCC
FILE: A bike is locked to a parking meter illegally in Westwood Village. But the city will soon pilot a new program allowing riders to lock their bicycles to parking meters with special hitches.

The Los Angeles City Council gave the go-ahead Tuesday for a pilot program that allows bicyclists to lock their bikes to parking meters in some parts of the city.

It's been illegal to lock bikes to a parking meter, although that restriction has rarely been enforced.

Under the pilot program, the Department of Transportation will be installing about 150 special bike hitches to parking meters in Westwood and along major streets elsewhere in the city.

Bicyclists will only be able to use the meters with the new hitches, a circular attachment that makes it easier to prop a bike up and attach a lock.

The Westwood neighborhood around UCLA sees thousands of cyclists every day, but the village only has about 65 official bike rack spots.

Transportation officials are in the processing of putting the project out to bid and developing a timetable for the installation.