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Film shoots suspended at LAUSD schools


All commercial film shoots at Los Angeles Unified schools have been temporarily suspended following an NBC L.A. investigation, NBC L.A. reports.

A review of film shoots at LAUSD schools is underway, according to a statement from LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines.

"It is important that we ensure teaching and learning are not disrupted, and that all filming activity is appropriate for our schools. As an organization responsible for educating students, it is essential that we hold ourselves and our schools to a high standard," Cortines said in the statement.

Those shoots bring LAUSD schools $2 million every year, but NBC L.A. reports that shoots have caused disruptions for students in classes, including delaying the bell schedule and canceling sports practices. The film shoots have included pornographic film "Revenge of the Petites," shot at Alexander Hamilton High School.

Last year, administrator Rick Prizant from Birmingham Community Charter High School in Van Nuys spoke with KPCC about how film shoots help the schools, but when NBC L.A. followed up, they couldn't offer specifics due to how budgets were coded.