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State legislature approves limiting deductibles for family health plans

Stock photo by Mutlu Kurtbas/iStockphoto

The state legislature is offering some relief to people whose health insurance comes with a large family deductible.

Assembly Bill 1305 won final approval in the legislature Thursday. It would require all family health plans to include a per-individual deductible and a per-individual out-of-pocket limit.

As of now, some family policies require individual family members to reach separate deductibles, while others make individuals reach a much larger family deductible.

Covered California already requires this for plans sold on the state insurance exchange.

Assembly member Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) wrote the bill, and Gov. Jerry Brown has until Oct. 11 to sign or veto it.

Check out this post on KPCC's Impatient blog, or listen to this segment on Take Two, for more information on this and other consumer health bills making their way through Sacramento.