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Can you feel the heat? SoCal warms up as weekend heat wave gets closer

A father and son play at the Glassell Park Pool on June 28th, 2013.
Mae Ryan/KPCC
The weekend's heat wave is creeping into Los Angeles areas like Woodland Hills that was 104 degrees Thursday afternoon.

Hot temperatures are expected this weekend, but parts of Los Angeles are already feeling the heat. Watches have been upgraded to excessive heat warnings for areas including the San Fernando Valley and mountains in L.A. County, as areas like Woodland Hills were a sizzling 104 degrees Thursday afternoon.

Stuart Seto, weather specialist at the National Weather Service, said they are expecting temperatures of 105 degrees or warmer for these areas. The mountains of Santa Barbara County and the interior coastal valleys and mountains of Ventura were also included in the heat warning. 

Other parts of the Valley like Van Nuys saw 100 degrees, while Burbank was 98 degrees.

"They're not going to be so much influenced by the humidity as the previous temperatures were, Seto said. "Basically, it's all temperature."

The National Weather Service measures temperatures in the shade, so expect 10-15 degrees on top of that under direct sunlight, Seto said. 

The heat wave could also be felt creeping into downtown L.A., where temperatures were in the lower 90s. The coast had temperatures in the lower 80s.

Still, no records have been set yet, said Seto.

"We'll see probably more record-breaking temperatures Friday and over the weekend," he said. 

Seto suggested people wear light-colored clothing, drink a lot of water and that you shouldn't leave anything you don't want to melt in the car.

For more information on how to stay cool, see our guide here.