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City Council unanimously passes vote on expanding parking restrictions near Hollywood sign

The Hollywood sign.
David McNew/Getty Images
The Hollywood sign.

Those wishing to drive up to the Hollywood Sign may soon find it more difficult to do so. In a unanimous vote (11-0) Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council passed a proposal that would further restrict parking in neighborhoods near the iconic sign. 

The proposal led by Fourth District Councilman Tom LaBonge would further limit parking in five parking districts and the surrounding Beachwood Canyon area by increasing the current two-day, weekend and holiday restrictions to seven days a week. The new rules would only allow residents with a permit to park on streets, including Beachwood Drive. 

According to Councilman LaBonge's motion, the Hollywoodland Homeowners Association requested the motion be presented. LaBonge said the already popular destination is seeing more traffic in surrounding areas due to digital tools like navigation systems, and residents are seeing challenges. 

"Just recently in the last five years, an overwhelming attention has been given to the neighborhood of [Beachwood Canyon] because of GPS," LaBonge told KPCC. "I personally have a philosophical difference with restricted parking, but in this particular case, I believe it was necessary to guarantee that it's not overwhelmed."

The councilman said while it is important to decrease traffic in the area, making public access to the sign is still important. Making accessibility a value without impacting the neighborhood is something he said was important in the future, as the area attracts many people, especially tourists. 

"I suggest to my colleagues that they work with the MTA and have a shuttle which tourists would pay for and would go from the subway in Vine and Hollywood Boulevard, all the way up into the park up Beachwood Drive and not park in the neighborhood."

LaBonge said a number of cellphone videos show traffic jams on the route. Besides a shuttle, LaBonge also spoke of possible hiking alternatives visitors could take to get to the sign. Options for parking still have to be identified. 

LaBonge hopes that Councilman Ryu will continue to push for the proposal to be implemented, which needs to be approved by residents in the areas affected, when he takes over the position in July.