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Watch: Palos Verdes spear-fisherman gets startled by gray whale and calf

And now for a little Tuesday afternoon distraction: 

A spear-fisherman in Palos Verdes got a surprise Friday when a gray whale and its calf emerged from the kelp forest right underneath him. 

Daniel Joline, 26, was out in water about 30 feet deep Friday hunting fish when he spotted a gray mass sliding through the kelp just below. 

You can see his reaction here. (Careful, it contains some foul — and flustered — language.)

Video: Fisherman surprised by gray whale

Joline said he couldn't help heading after the whales as they moved past, knowing it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

"Even though they look like they're moving slow, they're so powerful that I was actually kicking really hard just to keep up with them," he said.  

The Mount San Antonio College sophomore said he picked up spear-fishing around five years ago as a hobby and started wearing a Go-Pro video a couple years back to record his catches. He says he's come across dolphins and seals in the water as he trolls for fish, but this was his best sighting so far. 

"You almost don't believe it's real, 'cause just out of nowhere these whales appear, and a minute later they're gone," he said.