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Zip line proposed for Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon could get a zip line.

A zip line ride is being proposed for Runyon Canyon, a popular hiking destination in Hollywood.

Local businessmen Ryan Woods and Jeff Pruitt say they want to build the zip line because Los Angeles lacks such an attraction. They are scheduled to present their plan at a Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council meeting Wednesday night.

"Both myself and my partner are Los Angeles natives," Pruitt told KPCC. "There's nothing in Los Angeles that you can actively do. You have to travel to Santa Clara or Anaheim."

Zip line riders would experience a 90-miles-per-hour drop from 1,000 to 500 feet and enjoy one of the best views in the area, Woods and Pruitt told LA Weekly.

Pruitt said the $5 million project, which would be paid by investors, could benefit local residents and businesses. If the project were approved, Pruitt said, the enterprise would donate $700,000 to Runyon Canyon to fix and maintain trails, add restrooms and make other improvements before construction on the zip line begins. Pruitt also pledged that an annual percentage of the amusement's revenue would go to the park.

Free parking for the attraction would be at Hollywood and Highland, with free shuttle rides to and from the park’s Fuller Avenue gate, Pruitt said. The top of the ride would be located near the park's Mulholland Drive gate. 

According to the neighborhood council's meeting agenda, no motion or vote will take place Wednesday, just discussion.

Not everyone is thrilled with the idea. Some locals are concerned that the zip line would disturb the park's wildlife and other visitors.

"There's a lot of misconceptions, Pruitt said. "It's created an uproar. ... If anything, we're trying to bring revenue to a park that needs money to survive."

Pruitt said the ride would have a single zip line through the center of the park where no one hikes. "It's something that you won't notice unless you look up," said Pruitt. "There's not going to be a lot of noise associated with it."

Friends of Runyon Canyon Vice President Don Andres said he would present an opposing view at Wednesday night's meeting. 

"If you're hiking in the park and someone is zipping over your head screaming because they're going down a 6,000 foot zip line, you're not going to be disturbed? Think about that," Andres said. "This is an accident waiting to happen."

Curbed LA is also part of the opposition, opining that screaming tourists on the zip line would “mar the experience” of visiting the picturesque public park. Curbed suggested that a zip line instead be put at the top of Beachwood Canyon, allowing riders to cruise past the Hollywood sign.

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