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Watch: Orca pod shows off for paddle-board videographer

Rich German's dream of seeing orcas (aka killer whales) recently came true. He sight of a pod of five playful orcas off Laguna Beach.

A Laguna Beach paddle-boarder recently posted a video that's been getting attention online this weekend. 

Rich German is a prolific uploader of paddle-board POV videos of sea life around Laguna Beach. H's already shared his interactions with various species of dolphin and whales. 

"But I always had this dream, and that was to see orcas," he says in the video's introduction,  "And that dream came true a few days ago." 

Last week, he paddled out to see if he could catch up with a pod of orcas on their way out of Long Beach. 

"I'd heard just a day before that there was a small pod of orcas just off the shore of Long Beach and they were heading south," German says. He noticed a group of boats milling around the area, apparently looking at something in the water. "So I took a shot that that might be them, and to my great delight and amazement, it was." 

In the video you can see the five orcas scoping him out as he does the same, spraying water and swimming under his board (nearly knocking him off at one point). "I was too excited to be scared," he says. 

German says he posted the video partly to share a cool experience, but also to raise awareness about orcas. 

"Their populations are decreasing, and you probably have heard a lot of things that have gone on with them in captivity," he says.